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Help us give the I Am A Creator book away for free
February 8th-26th

Being a creator is hard.

Especially when you’re fighting all the voices in your head telling you that you and your dream and your idea aren’t good enough, and that nobody cares.

You know that person in your life who is a creator? The one trying to use their craft, skill, or imagination to bring something good into the world? The one you believe in?

Sometimes, they think about giving up.

Sometimes, they wonder if anyone cares.

Sometimes, they think they aren’t enough.

That’s why we published I Am A Creator. It’s a book about what keeps creators going when things get tough. It features true stories of creators who overcame obstacles and saw their creative dreams come true.

Now, we need your help to give it away for free to the creators you believe in - the ones taking steps, sharing their valuable voice, and going for their dreams. We especially want to give this book to the creators who might just need a little extra encouragement right about now.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Choose a creator you believe in who you want to nominate to recieve a free copy of the book.
  2. Post to your Twitter or Instagram feed tagging the creator and saying why you believe in them, using the #CreatorIBelieveIn hashtag.
  3. We’ll send the first 500 creators nominated a free book to inspire them and help them on their journey!

Nominations are open between February 8th and 26th.

How to nominate a creator you believe in

Tag them in a post on your Twitter or Instagram feed with a sentence or two about why you believe in them, and be sure to use the hashtag #CreatorIBelieveIn.

Make them feel all warm and fuzzy and let them know that someone out there is cheering them on. Your encouragement might just be what someone else in your circle needs to hear too.

Need some ideas for what to write? Check out our examples.

If you need an image to accompany your post, feel free to use one of these! Just right click or tap and hold to save to your device.

Artist painting on a table with #CreatorIBelieveIn written on top#CreatorIBelieveIn hand letteredArtist painting with "The Future Belongs to Creators" written on top
.@[insert creator username] is a #CreatorIBelieveIn because [insert how they inspire you].
Copy caption
.@[insert creator username] is a #CreatorIBelieveIn because [insert how they inspire you].
Copy to a new tweet

Who is a creator?

You can define it however you want, but we take it to mean someone making original work to inspire, teach, entertain or connect with others. Musicians, photographers, artists, designers, chefs, writers, filmmakers, podcasters… they’re all creators.

Think about a friend or a small creator you follow online who inspires you with their creative pursuits or content and nominate them before February 26th. We’ll reach out to the first 500 eligible creators nominated to get their address and mail them a book!

For more information on the countries we can ship to, check out the official rules.

Chaitra Radhakrishna
Chaitra Radhakrishna
Web designer & photographer
Glo Atanmo
Glo Atanmo
Travel blogger & coach
Deborah Niemann
Deborah Niemann
Homesteader & author
Dave Barnes
Dave Barnes

About the book

I Am A Creator Vol. 2 is a beautiful hardcover coffee table book featuring inspiring true stories and gorgeous photography

I Am A Creator films

A series of short documentary films about the creator journey.